We believe that delicious, wholesome products can only be produced from the best possible raw materials. That’s why we make yoghurt using our own organic milk, on our own organic farm. Our milk is unadulterated, and in the process of making our yoghurt we only add the culture blend.

 Since there’s no added stuff, Clearwater’s Cream Top Yoghurt may taste mildly acidic. To add a bit of sweetness, we love stirring in some honey and/or seasonal fruit. Our yoghurt may also have a different texture than commercial yoghurt. This is part of our ‘less is more’ process of letting the yoghurt ‘set in the pot’. You may find the cream sets on the top – a sure sign of highly quality, whole milk. Here lies a choice: stir it all together for an even creaminess or indulge in the goodness straight from the top! However you enjoy our yoghurt, your taste buds will be asking for more.

We make our yoghurt in 450g and 2kg pots for retail sale. We also make yoghurt in larger containers for commercial users.


Organic Honey Yoghurt      

Cuisine Magazine Artisan Award 2011 winner! 
Outstanding Food Awards – silver medal!

We remain true to our brand promise, “Totally Natural”. This award-winning yoghurt consists of only organic milk, probiotic cultures and certified organic clover honey from our friends at Hutton’s Honey. Nothing is added or removed from the milk. That means no homogenisation, no thickeners, no preservatives, no processed sugar and it’s gluten free.


Organic Natural Yoghurt

Our original, versatile, creamy yoghurt - a perfect way to elevate a dish, or delicious on its own. We really can’t fault it. Available in 450g and 2kg tubs.


Organic Fat Free Yoghurt

For those who prefer a more streamlined yoghurt, we’ve taken the liberty of taking all the fat out of our yoghurt. Making our Fat Free Yoghurt 99.9% fat free. Less fat doesn’t have to mean less delicious! Available in 450g tubs.


Organic Vanilla Yoghurt

NZ Cheese Awards, Yoghurt Category bronze award!

Enjoy creamy perfection thanks to a heavenly combination of our organic yoghurt with pure vanilla from New Zealand’s own Heilala Vanilla and a dash of Hutton’s Honey.  Available in 450g tubs.


Lactose Free Organic Natural Yoghurt

Our Lactose Free Organic Natural Yoghurt is the perfect option for those with lactose sensitivity. Loaded with beneficial live probiotic cultures it’s pure, simple and downright delicious!


Lactose Free Organic Citrus Yoghurt

Gentle on the tummy and big on taste thanks to a dash of organic citrus syrup.


Lactose Free Organic Mixed Berry Yoghurt

Enjoy a berry taste explosion that your tummy will thank you for with our Lactose Free Organic Mixed Berry Yoghurt.


Natural Rice Pudding

A nourishing, satisfying dessert or snack, our vanilla rice pudding is as versatile as our yoghurt options. Made for you to enjoy on its own or in a dish complimenting other fresh ingredients. Available in 450g tubs.


Clotted Cream

We’ve extracted  the creamiest parts of our milk and packaged them for your culinary delight. Our clotted cream is available in 225g tubs.