Clearwater’s Organic Farm has a rich heritage in New Zealand stretching back to the 1830s when the family settled on the Otago Peninsula. While these early settlers prospered from the bounty of the land, our current generation aims to work within the limits of the natural resources, seeking to enhance and sustain them.  

We are passionate about creating delicious, wholesome products while leaving our land more bountiful than when we arrived.



With Mt Peel in view, it may come as no surprise that our organic dairy farm is called Peel View Farm. It’s at this scenic farm where we have been perfecting our certified organic dairy products since 2004. Not only do we prioritise the health and wellbeing of our animals, but we actively take steps to enhance our natural flora. And to our delight, we’ve noticed an increase in native wildlife around the farm.

We love having visitors. Anyone who would like to see our farm and find out what we do and how we do things are welcome. Please email

Our commitment to sustainable farming

Our mission is to produce the most natural organic dairy products in the most sustainable way to benefit the land and the health of its people.  Here are some examples of how we do this:


Restoration of the stream in its natural bed and extensive planting of native vegetation around the stream and on the farm.

Avoiding toxic chemicals by using natural fertilisers, seaweed and kelp to enhance the natural biology, physical and chemical properties of our soil.  These condensed tannins and diverse plant species in our pastures provide a 'fruit salad' for our cows and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

We have more 'liveweight' per hectare (biological activity) underground than we have above.

We use a “soil foodweb” approach. Soil-foodweb science is about comprehensive nutrition to soil fungi and bacteria, creating better water holding capacity, carbon sequestration and enhanced soil health. After 14 years on the present farm the benefits of this approach are becoming increasingly noticeable, through animal health, farm yields and milk quality.

As the native planting in the fenced off areas is gaining, there is a noticeable and ongoing increase in bird life and biodiversity on the farm. (Not always to our delight…as the large pukeko families can be quite mischievous)


We are also proud to partner with other much-loved Kiwi brands to ensure our yoghurts benefit from the addition of high quality ingredients, like the delicious honey from our friends at Hutton’s Honey. Check out the video below